How Much Can An Adsense Website Earn?

Your earnings are dependent on a variety of factors. Like any business, you get out of it what you put into it, influenced of course by factors beyond your control (same as any endeavor).

With AdSense, website earnings are primarily influenced by four factors:

1. Traffic to the site.

2. Size of site, number of pages, or number of sites.

3. "On Page" optimization factors.

4. Specific keyword targeting.

There are average statistics, which are rather difficult to verify or validate because Google prohibits sharing of specific statistics. So much of what is given out is either speculation, or vague enough that it doesn't cause problems.

It is not hard to earn about $1 for every 50 site visitors, with average paying keywords, and no specific optimization of pages or any keyword targeting. Some sites though, do WAY better than this, and some do WAY worse! This is because some topics pay better than others, and some sites encourage clickthroughs better than others.

The first thing you have to do is get a site up! You won't earn a thing, learn a thing, or be able to increase earnings if you don't first build the foundation. So get a site up there, even if it is not a terribly good one. Then follow instructions to gradually improve it, one tactic at a time.

If you earn $5 your first month, you are doing better than THOUSANDS of new business owners in other kinds of businesses. And if you earn $5, you KNOW you can earn more, because all you have to do is KEEP doing what you are doing, and add in a few more skills, a few more pages, etc.

AdSense isn't like other businesses where you get one customer that you worked really hard for and then you wonder if you'll ever get another customer. If you can earn $5, it's only a matter of time before you can earn $100 per month. If you can earn $100 per month, then you can, over time, earn $1000 per month. The important thing with AdSense is the TREND. If the numbers are consistently growing, then you'll get there!

Plus, once you get it going, if you take time off, it goes on earning whether you are there or not! Your sites will require regular updates, and some ongoing maintenance, but it can be done on YOUR schedule, and you CAN take time off when you feel like it!

So the conclusion is, you will start to earn SOMETHING as soon as you upload a site and get traffic to it. It will grow from there if you feed it regularly, and the final potential is pretty much up to you!

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