Adwords vs. Adsense – Which is Which?

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The difference between Adwords and Adsense:

It is something that confuses most people who are not computer or internet experts. What on earth is the difference between Adwords and Adsense? And, more importantly, how can they drive traffic and revenue to your website?

Any internet search on either of these “new-coined” words is likely to generate thousands of websites, with a lot of technical sounding definitions that may not help to clear the fog at all! So, here’s a short overview of these two Google programs.

In simple terms, Adwords is keyword-based, pay-per-click advertising for online merchants. Every time someone searches for the keyterms within an advertiser’s campaign, their ads pop up not only on but also on tens of thousands of other sites. When a visitor clicks on one of those ads, the advertiser pays Google a certain amount. They only have to pay when someone clicks, hence the name.

Adsense, is a program for people with websites or blogs whereby they can place those ads on their own sites. Every time someone clicks on those ads, Google pays them a percentage of what the advertiser is paying through Adwords.

For example, if I run an online gardening supply store, I might run ads through Adwords. One of my keywords might be “new lawn mowers”. I set up a campaign to pay Google one dollar every time someone clicks my ad. Now, someone might have a gardening info site with a page on lawnmowers. They may join Google Adsense and show related ads on that page. One of those ads just might be mine.

So in the example above, I pay $1.00 every time someone clicks an ad on that person’s gardening site, and they in turn get a percentage of the dollar from Google as part of the Adsense program.

Stated simply, these two services are two sides of the same coin. With Adwords, you place an ad with Google as an advertiser. With Adsense, you show those ads as a website owner or publisher. One is an invaluable way for an advertiser to millions of people without having to pay for costly TV commercials or magazine ads. The other is a way for website publishers to add a secondary (or in some cases primary) source of revenue for themselves.

So if you’re an online merchant interested in boosting traffic and potential sales, look into Google Adwords today. If you’re a webmaster or blogger looking to add a little income, think about incorporating Google Adsense.


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