Choosing a Proper Domain Name


Choosing a Domain Name



Not taking the time to choose a proper domain name is a mistake. In years to come, the URL may become unimportant. Some people say that the URL is already dead.

But most of us feel that the URL is still alive and well.  It is used by many people and is absolutely essential for offline advertising. 


We still need www or http at the beginning of our URLs.  It’s just that customers don’t necessarily need to type in those letters.  That’s what people mean when they say the URL is dead.


Your website address should be memorable.  In most cases, that means short.  It does not need to include your entire company name, especially if it is a long one. 


Short names are easier for return customers to remember.  When it comes to attracting new customers, names might not make that much difference.  The content on your website is what will help the search engines find you.


Ideally, your domain name should be easy to spell and easy to say.  Those two things will help your return customers remember you. 


There is always an alternative point of view.  Many customers bookmark the sites they visit frequently.  No typing is required.


For those of your customers that do type in website addresses, you want to make it as easy as possible for them.  Try not to repeat letters and do not use punctuation. 


If your website happens to become very popular, other companies will try to cash in on your popularity by registering a domain name that closely resembles your own.  Keep that in mind and try to make it hard for them.


Another trick that helps people remember domains is alliteration.  An example would be  The “Ds” make it easier to remember.


That example is a well chosen name in another way.  It describes what is being sold on the website.  The company name could be (and often is) something totally different.


Other good examples include and  The last is not exactly perfect, because of the misspelling.  But, the way that the search engines work, your site should show up if someone typed in a “c” instead of a “k”.


Companies that invest in offline advertising via billboards and other drive-by solutions must be very careful about choosing memorable names.  The same is true for those that advertise on the radio.  You want something that the radio announcer can pronounce easily without having to spell it out.


Take the time to think about it before you register a domain name.  It’s too much trouble to try and change everything if you realize you made a mistake.  It’s almost easier to start over with a new site.  



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