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Website Contact Page



What is a Website Contact Page


The contact page is critical. Google looks at this page and determines whether your business is legetimate.  What is the name of your company; does the company have a physical address (not a PO Box); who is the contact person; is there an email address; and last, is there a phone number?


The question that Google and others want to know: is there a face behind the company and the website? Providing this information adds credibility to your real estate on the world wide web.


If you conduct your business from your home and do not want to provide this address to the world, you can rent an address and mail box at one of the many postal store fronts. Do a search on "mail drop" or "mail box rentals" and you will find that you can get a physical address for your company in just about any place in the world. The services vary, so define your specific needs before you begin researching this service.


If you want to strengthen your credibility even more, add a phone number to your contact page. Below is a link for an 800 number service. You can get an 800 number from Kall8 for $2.00 a month. With this service, you receive many benefits: voice mail & fax mailbox; call tracking tools, custom call forwarding, conference calling, a virtual calling card, ect ...


One last suggestion for the contact page, cloak your email address so that it can't be grabbed by the bots that search your web site.


Remember, a complete contact page strengthens the reputation of your website in the marketplace and helps with the site's Google ranking.

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