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Mobile Advertising Campaigns – A Look at the Factors that Determine their Success.

Mobile advertising campaigns are a great way to deliver highly targeted ads to customers. Experts believe that businesses will start spending more and more money on mobile marketing as they realize that they can get better, faster results with mobile ads.

There are three important reasons why mobile advertising campaigns can be a great choice for businesses that want to reach their target customer base.

There are nearly five billion mobile users in the world today. In contrast, there are slightly over a billion internet users in the world. If there are millions to be made online, what does that say about the mobile medium? The availability of a large number of potential customers is the first reason why more and more businesses are interested in mobile marketing.

A lot of people still do not know anything about mobile advertising campaigns. So, the competition in mobile media is a lot lesser than the competition online. This gives businesses, both large and small, a great opportunity to offer their services to an incredibly wide range of customers without worrying about their competitors catching up with them.

Mobile marketing is surprisingly affordable. The market is extremely huge and the competition is very low. So, the cost of creating and running a mobile marketing campaign is a lot lesser than the cost of a traditional marketing campaign. In other words, mobile ads give you better value for your money. 

Reports show that mobile advertising campaigns are a lot more effective than online advertising campaigns. A recent study by Insight Express says that mobile campaigns are more likely to generate purchase intent and create brand awareness than online campaigns.

Mobile virtual network operators like Blyk have had phenomenal success with mobile marketing. The marketing campaigns by Blyk have consistently generated a response rate of 25% or higher, which is unheard of in online campaigns.

Though the US remains the primary market for mobile marketers, the marketers in other countries have also had their success with mobile marketing. South Africa, for example, is considered the dream market for mobile marketers. The average response rate for mobile advertising campaigns is in the range of 10-25%, which is incredible. Similarly, in India, brands like Ford, Coca Cola, and Hindustan Unilever have launched mobile marketing campaigns to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

A recent survey conducted by the Association of National Advertisers with the Mobile Marketing Association says that a large number of brands are looking to focus on mobile marketing in 2011. Experts believe that mobile marketing is no longer in the experimental phase and companies are looking to spend more money on mobile advertising campaigns and devise mobile-optimized strategies to communicate better with their target customer base.

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