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 A Short List of Useful Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile apps for business are becoming increasingly popular with both small business and large business owners. There is an astonishingly wide range of apps available for smartphone platforms like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Palm. These apps help people save time and increase productivity by doing things on the move. Given below is a collection of mobile apps that many business owners feel they cannot do without.  


Android Based Mobile Apps for Business


Byte Squared – Helps you create spreadsheets on Android based mobile devices.  


Mighty Meeting – Helps you deliver PowerPoint presentations using your mobile phone. Syncs with your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts and makes sharing really simple.  


Astrid – Allows you to create to-do lists. Has a variety of features like reminders, checklists, sorting and filters, and tagging.  


Documents to Go – Allows you to view, edit, create, and save Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files on the move.  


IPhone Based Mobile Apps for Business 


Cisco WebEx Meeting Center – Allows you to hold online meetings using your iPhone.  


FTP On the Go – Allows you to update your web server on the go. 


ITerminal – Turns your iPhone into a credit card terminal for instant transactions. 


TextPlus – Allows you to chat with people and send unlimited group text messages.  


Windows Mobile Based Mobile Apps for Business 


Adobe Reader – Allows you to open and read PDF files, zoom in and out, and move between pages.  


WMWifiRouter- Turns your Windows Mobile phone into a wireless internet hotspot instantly.  


Sprite Backup – Secures all your contacts, SMS, applications, settings, and other important data and allows you to restore the backup files any time you want.  


EReader Pro – Turns your mobile phone into an ebook reader. Allows you to adjust text and font settings, navigate through ebooks, and do lots more.  


Blackberry Based Mobile Apps for Business 


Blackberry Travel – Allows you to plan, book, schedule, manage, and share all your travel activities.  


HandyLogs – Allows you to keep track of all your expenses and mileage while you are on the road.  


Nice Office LITE – Allows you to store documents, manage your email, log your device activity, and do lots more. It also backs up everything on its website so that you can retrieve all the data any time you want.  


Wi-Fi File Transfer – Allows you to send files from your phone to a PC or Mac, from a PC or Mac to your phone, or from your phone to a printer.  


Palm Pre Based Mobile Apps for Business 


LinkedIn – Helps you stay connected with your business contacts and follow important people in your industry.  


MoreStocks – Gives you information on stock and financial markets.  


T-Money – Turns your phone into a financial planning tool. 


Intuit GoPayment – Turns your Palm Pre phone into a credit card terminal and allows you to accept and process credit card payments on the move instantly.  


You can find plenty of other mobile apps for business that can help you save time, stay organized, increase productivity, and get things done on the go. The best part is that many of these apps can be downloaded free of cost.  



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