Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

 Mobile Marketing – An Introduction


It is a marketing practice that uses the mobile phone as a medium to connect businesses with their target customers. Marketers use a wide range of mobile based services like text messaging, mobile video games, and mobile web to deliver targeted ads to various segments of customers.  


The Advantages 


Mobile marketing is considered the next big thing by many as it has many inherent advantages.  


  • The mobile phone is something that we always have with us. Most of us never step out of the house without carrying one. So, a mobile ad is a lot more likely to get noticed than a newspaper ad, magazine ad, online ad, or even a TV commercial.   


  • Mobile ads are incredibly easy to respond to. People can read a message and act on it instantly. So, the response rate for a mobile marketing campaign is likely to be higher than the response rate for a traditional campaign.   


  • The mobile medium gives marketers a variety of options to reach their target customers. Mobile ads can be incorporated in text messages, video clips, mobile websites, mobile video games, and mobile applications. The ads can be subtle – in the form of product placement in mobile video games – or obvious – like text message ads that convey the message directly.  


  • The ROI (return on investment) for a mobile marketing campaign can be measured accurately. Marketers can use the aggregated data available from mobile networks to identify the target customer base for various businesses. Moreover, the transactions made by mobile users can be measured easily. So, measuring the effectiveness of a mobile advertising campaign is a lot easier.   


The Disadvantages


  • The mobile phone is considered a personal property. So, any attempt to send promotional and commercial messages might be seen as an invasion of privacy. This is why organizations like the Mobile Marketing Association insist that marketers should only send ads to those who opt in for mobile based advertising campaigns.   


  • The mobile phone, unlike the PC, does not have a large screen or an easy-to-navigate keypad. So, unless you have a smartphone with touch screen, visiting mobile websites can be a slightly difficult task. Moreover, a large number of mobile users have low-end mobile phones that do not support features like MMS or mobile web. So, text message ads seem to be the only choice of many marketers as of now.   


Future of Mobile Marketing


Analysts, experts, and industry insiders are of the opinion that mobile advertising has a very bright future. They feel that the industry, which is still in its nascent stage, will only grow bigger and better as mobile based advertising campaigns continue to bring in good results at affordable costs.


There are close to five billion mobile phone users in the world now. As this number keeps growing by the day, marketers cannot help but notice that there is a huge customer base for mobile based services, which businesses can use to their advantage. Reports also say that mobile is likely to account for 11.7% of digital ad spend in 2014. So, on the whole, it is safe to assume that mobile marketing has an undeniably bright future.

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