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The Positive Power Of Opt In Marketing

Opt in marketing can be one of the most effective tools for building a profitable business.  It’s all about getting your message out there without looking like you’re pushing yourself on people.  Nobody likes an overbearing salesman, so subtlety can be your greatest ally and that’s the magic of the opt in approach.

Have you ever gone to an event or looked into a product and suddenly you find yourself on a particular businesses mailing list with no clue how you got there?  If you have, then you should be able to appreciate the difference between the hard sell and the opt in approach.  Roping in customers without their consent is only likely to raise their hackles and that won’t get you the result you want.

Opt in marketing is much more effective as it allows the customer to make the choice for him/herself.  You can provide an avenue of expertise such as a newsletter or regular mailing and have the customer opt in to receiving it.  This way, the decision is theirs and they won’t feel pressured into buying something.  You’ll be building up a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

Of course, when you choose to go this route you are taking on a big responsibility.  The customer is putting their trust in you by actively choosing to get your newsletter so the last thing you want to do is betray that trust.  It’s up to you as the business person to provide the customer with some quality return on their investment of time and interest.

That means making sure that your newsletter or mailing contains valid information that will be helpful for the customer.  It’s not just an invitation for you to hit them over the head with nothing but ads.  Yes, you’ll want to get in a plug for your business as well but there has to be more there to gain and hold the customer’s interest.

Remember that opt in marketing is all about building a relationship with your customer.  If you do things that put them off, they aren’t likely to stick around for more or recommend you to anyone else.  This means once you have their information for your mailing list, make it clear that their privacy is important to you and keep those records secure.

Also, stay in contact with them so that they realize their business is important to you.  Don’t forget all about them the minute you have them signed up, make sure you continue to communicate and let them know that you care about their feedback if they share any with you.

Building a successful business starts with building up a strong client base and that means making sure that your customers want what you have to offer.  Giving them the opportunity to opt in to a mailing or other service puts them in the driver’s seat and will help to keep your business on the fast track to success!


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