SEO Link Building:


The Secret To Online Marketing  


SEO link building is a necessary focus for any site owner.  If done correctly, it can mean the difference between a profitable site and one that just fades into the background among so many others.  It’s all about making your site stand out and the more it gets seen, the more it will. 


The way to get your site noticed is by positioning it well with the major search engines.  You want to be sure that when consumers come to search for a particular service, they will find their way to your cyber door.  Search engines like Google look for certain qualities in order to position one site higher in search results than others, so the key is setting your site up properly to elevate its search positioning. 


This is where SEO link building comes in.  One of the prime things search engines look for is links.  The more links a site has, the more legitimate it is going to appear as a source of expertise.  So making sure that your site is properly linked is absolutely essential in terms of getting your message out. 

But that doesn’t mean you should just throw any old link up on your site or get your site linked someplace that may lack credibility itself.  Quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to linking.  Linking just for the sake of linking may not only not get you anywhere but can actually take away from your site’s credibility, which is the last thing you want. 

So how do you build up the right links and get your site seen?  There are many different ways you could go.  If your site centers on a certain subject, seek out other, similar sites and see if you can’t strike up a reciprocal agreement to link each other.  Or write and submit articles on your subject of expertise and get them placed on news sites or in article banks where people look for resources and then you can link back from the article to your site. 

Social networking is another prime candidate for SEO link building.  Get out there on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter and connect with people and include a link to your site on your page.  The more people view your page and share it with others, the greater the potential audience you have for your link.   

Blogging works equally well.  If you can establish yourself as an expert on a subject through a blog, then you can set up a link to your site and drive business that way.  Also, getting your link up on sites that have “Top 10” or “10 Easy Steps”  type lists can be useful as these types of sites traditionally have the most traffic in terms of searches. 

You want your site to be successful and to do that it has to rate with the search engines.  Don’t put all your time and effort into building a great looking site only to fall short because you’ve failed to take SEO into consideration.  The link is the thing for today’s successful sites…make sure you’re linked for success! 

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