Search Engine Registration

Search Engine Registration

Registration within Search Engines:

Some experts speculate at this point as to whether having AdSense on your site gets it indexed faster by Google or not. Google says no, but others who have observed spidering patterns and traffic patterns suggest that perhaps it does.

That little controversy aside, the other issues are no different than for any other site. You need traffic, and you need as much of that traffic as you can get to be free traffic. Search engines are one of the necessary elements to get that free traffic.

Here are the DO's:

1. You can register your site with the search engines. You don't HAVE to, but if it is your first site, you might want to. Do it by hand if you do it, or use

2. You can cross link your site with an existing site that you own, and that will get your site indexed also. The search engines will spider your existing site on the next pass, and then they will pick up your new site and spider it too. Some people say this is better than registering your site manually.

3. You can start posting your link elsewhere online, or if you know people who might like to list it as a resource on their site, then let them know about it. This gets you traffic the same as cross linking it with your own sites.

It's that simple! You need not do anything else. Sure there are some people out there telling you that you have to do more than this, but the facts are that the people telling you that are either uninformed, or trying to get you to use their service.

Here are the DON'Ts:

1. Do not register your site more than once. Some search engines consider this to be "spamming" the search engines and may ban you.

2. Do not register more than the home page, unless you have subdomains in your site.

3. Do not use automatic submission services. They do not work nearly as well as manual registrations or even just cross linking your site with an existing one.

Full details on why these methods do not work, and are not necessary are at .

Search engine registration is nothing more than a blip on the list of things to do, and not even the most important one! So don't waste your time fussing over it, just hit the high points and move on to other more effective things.

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