Social Business Network

Social Business Network

The Advantages of Joining a Social Business Network

Joining a social business network is a good idea for keeping in touch with associates, co-workers and clients. You can learn from other people in your field or establish contacts with people in complementary fields.

People are using the networks to grow their existing businesses or to find new employment. The uses are nearly limitless. Here are some of the advantages of using the networks, your options for creating one of your own and a look at some of the sites that already exist.

You might currently be using a platform like Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family members. You are probably aware of the lack of professionalism on websites like that. You need a different tool for keeping in touch with co-workers and other associates.

The idea of company-related networking sprang from the popularity of the friend-based sites. The friend-based sites can be useful to businesses, but the audience is not as targeted.
There are simple options that can be used if your primary goal is networking with co-workers. Windows Groove is one option. You can also use any one of the dozens of chat services that are available.

If you want something more professional for networking with co-workers, software programs are available. You might also consider contacting a database designer or networking specialist to get help creating a customized social business network.

Another option is to join one of the existing networks. LinkedIn is a site used by professionals to develop relationships with other people in their field. It could be a career-building tool.

If you’re an entrepreneur, Biznik is an online community designed just for you. By sharing advice and information, the entrepreneurs help other members succeed. New business-minded articles are published on a regular basis and the site is free to join.

Biznik is not the only social business network geared towards the entrepreneur. There are at least a dozen others, each with something different to offer. For example, one site was created specifically for entrepreneurs in the UK.

While they might be new to you, some of the networking websites have been up and running for over a decade. That’s one thing to consider when you are choosing a site to join.

The older sites that have been established for a while will have more members. For someone that wants to grow their connections or find more work, having access to more members is important.
Another social business network is Focus. It was created with IT professionals and decision makers in mind. Many of the existing sites are similarly focused. There are sites for lawyers and accountants, doctors and nurses.

You can probably see the advantages of joining a group of professionals from around the world. You can share new ideas and experiences. Many of us believe this kind of sharing will spur technological growth in the coming years.

Once you start using a social business network, you will understand more about the advantages. It could be just the thing you need to grow in some way.

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