Comparing Social Networking Software

Social networking software

Social Networking Software for Business:

Social networking software is available from a number of companies including major vendors like Cisco. The features vary greatly, as do the prices. There are even different types of programs for different purposes.

The term social networking software is used to refer to programs that can be used to build your own platform. You might want to compete with Facebook or MySpace by creating a new alternative.
Your platform could offer something different. For example, you might create a platform that is strictly for kids. The portal might be easier to use or include a homework help option. The games might be geared towards a younger crowd. Because of the popularity of the networks, it could be a highly profitable undertaking.

Another idea would be to create a portal for your specific business field. A lot of companies are doing that these days. The term is also used to refer to programs designed to help businesses develop and implement social media marketing strategies. It is not 100% necessary to buy a program for that purpose.

You and your team-members can start with the networks you currently use to keep in touch with friends and family. You can create fan pages on Facebook or use Twitter to keep people updated about what’s going on at your store today. Those are just a couple of things you can do for free.

The most expensive social networking software is the type that is used to build the platforms. The programs are not that easy to use.

Someone in your IT department should be able to handle it, assuming you are a business owner. Most techies would be able to use the programs, if they wanted to. The founder of Facebook created the platform on his own without a special program.
The other programs start at a very low price. You can get them for free. You will need to choose a program that includes code with which you are familiar. You can compare what’s available online.

Another idea that a lot of businesses are using is to create an RSS feed. The feeds send out information to subscribers. You can create a post and have it sent to all of your current or potential customers in a matter of minutes.

Some brands of social networking software include tools that will help you create electronic newsletters. The newsletters will be sent out on a regular basis via email to subscribers, usually current customers.

There are some programs that include mailing lists. The value of the mailing lists is questionable. In most cases, using a mailing list will get you stuck in the recipient’s spam folder. That’s a waste of your time.

On the other hand, there are some targeted mailing lists that can be rented for a fee. The people on those lists have expressed interest in receiving emails related to a variety of subjects.

Social networking software could be a good investment, if you are careful to select a program with the features you need. Do some comparative shopping before you buy.

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