Split Testing

Split Testing 

The Many Advantages of Split Testing – Discover the Secret to Increase Conversion Rate and Boost Your Sales.

Split testing, also known as multi variable testing or A/B testing, is a very effective way to measure the effectiveness of your website. It helps you find the weak and strong spots of your website and gives you a good idea of what you need to do to achieve your business goals.

What is it?

Split testing, simply put, is a way to test different combinations of your website’s variables to find the one that gets the maximum response from your visitors. It involves splitting the traffic between the variants of a particular aspect of your website to determine which gets more traffic and more clicks.

How does split testing work?

Let us say you have a sales page on your website. You need to know if it is good enough to turn your visitors into customers. The best way to do it would be to create two or more variants of the same sales page and split the traffic to find which variant attracts more visitors. You can make certain changes to your default sales page to create slightly different variants. For example, you can have a sales page with a different caption, one with a different sales copy, one with different graphics, one with a different price, and one with a different background color. You can split the traffic among these pages to find which page gets more traffic and, subsequently, more sales.

Why is it important to split test a website?

Split testing helps you find the aspects of your website that your visitors like and the ones that they do not like. It helps you improve your site’s usability, get more traffic, and increase the conversion rate. In other words, it helps you find the right combination of elements that can produce the optimum results and turn your website into a money-magnet.

What are the variables that can be split tested?

You can split test a webpage’s headline, copy, graphics, call to action, background color, offers, and various other elements that you think might influence your visitors to make a purchase.

What is the right way to split test a website?

First, you need to get a good, reliable software program to split test your site. A lot of companies, including Google, offer free software programs. If you are on a shoestring budget, you can make use of these split testing programs. These programs, however, have certain limitations that free versions usually have. So, you might not be able to test a wide range of variations using them. If you, on the other hand, can afford to spend some money, you can buy an advanced software program offered by various companies. These programs automate the testing process and make it a lot easier for you. They let you test a huge number of variations and give you accurate results.

Once you have a good split testing program, you need to choose the elements that you want to split test. Right from a web page’s caption to copy, graphics, or color, you can test pretty much anything you want. Once you decide it, you can add tags to different pages to track them, preview them, and send them live. Depending on user response, you can make the appropriate changes to your site.

How often should a web page be split tested?

The only way to remain a successful e-business owner is to improve your website constantly. To do so, you need to test various aspects of your website on a constant basis to find what your target customer segment wants and give them exactly that. So, split testing is something you need to do regularly. Once you do, you will know what produces results and what does not, the knowledge of which can help you become a better online marketer.

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