Virtual Business Office Checklist


Virtual business Office Checklist


Setting up a virtual business office:

A virtual business office is an excellent home based business opportunity. By setting up a virtual office,
you can work from the cool confines of your home and cater to the needs of clients all over the world by offering administrative, technical, and creative services.


To set up a virtual business office at home, you need a set of basic equipment including a PC or laptop,
fax machine, scanner, printer, DVD writer, copier, telephone with voice mail or answering machine facility,
digital camera, web cam, headset, and a reliable, fast broadband connection. You also need a set of chairs,
a computer desk, and other such furniture.


On the software side, you need a business email program, an operating system, desktop applications, antivirus
program, firewall, image editing software, PDF reader, and an internet browser.

Business address

Once you set up a virtual business office at home, your home becomes your office and vice versa. So, your business address is the same as your home address. While it is convenient for you, it does not give a professional impression of your business. So, you can rent a post office box or use the services of a
commercial mail receiving agency to get an address that sounds a lot more business-like.


One of the biggest advantages of living in the information age is that you can communicate with people all
over the world instantly without having to meet them in person. You can keep in touch with your clients
using technologies like email, instant messaging, voice chat, and video conferencing. The best part of
course is that most of these technologies do not cost you any money. So, you can communicate with your
clients and coworkers without spending a lot of money on telephone bills.


• A virtual business office makes it possible for you to work from the comfort of your home or anywhere
you like for that matter. You can, for example, take your laptop with you, sit in a café that has Wi-Fi
facility, sip a cup of latte, and continue with yet another day at work. You can be anywhere in the world and still continue to cater to the needs of your clients.

• By setting up a virtual business office at home, you get to spend a lot of time with your family. This
is not possible in a day job where you have to rush to work early in the morning and come back late in
the evening too tired to spend time with your family. By working from home, you can maintain a proper
work-life balance.

• As a home-based entrepreneur, you work when you feel like, not when someone tells you to. If you feel
you produce your best work early in the morning, you can do so by all means. If you are a night owl,
you can work at night as well.

• By working from a virtual business office, you can kiss goodbye to the stressful routine of a regular,
9-5 job. You do not have to deal with corporate politics, unrelenting superiors, time-wasting meetings, and a number of other things that are associated with a full time job.

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