Website Stats 

Website Stats 


What are they and What Can You Learn from them?


Talk to any web master or a popular blogger and you will hear them use the term ‘website stats’ often. What are these stats and what kind of role do they play in your e-business? Let us take a look.


What are they?


They are, simply put, nothing but numbers that help you assess the extent of your online presence accurately. By analyzing and understanding these website stats, you can understand your website’s strengths and weaknesses and get a clear picture of the things you need to do to improve your e-business.


What can you learn from these statistics?


Your site’s statistics can give the answers to the following questions.


    How many hits does your website get?


    How many unique users does it get?


    Where do your visitors come from?


    What pages do they visit often?


    What are the search terms that help people find your website?


    Which search engines bring you a lot of traffic?


    What are the websites/links that send you a lot of traffic?


    What are the peak days for your website in a given month?


    Which browser do the majority of your visitors use?


Why is it so important to know all these information?


The data you get from your website stats help you identify the areas where you need to work on. Without knowing these details, you will not be able to make any progress as an e-business owner. For example, if your site gets a lot of traffic, but makes only a few sales, there could be a problem with your ordering page. Similarly, if your site gets a lot of referral traffic, but very little organic traffic, there could be a problem with your search engine optimization techniques. By knowing these details, you can fix the errors, work on your site’s weak areas, and increase both traffic and conversion rate considerably. This is why it is very important to analyze your site’s statistics regularly.


What is the best way to get website stats for your site?


There are a number of free web analytics tools available today. You can download these tools onto your website and use them. You can also use the data provided by your web hosting company. There are also a number of paid web analytics tools offered by a lot of companies. You can use them to get detailed reports on your web stats regularly.


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